Bent Sørensen (born 1941) is a Danish composer, artist and writer also active in science and author of several books. He is currently professor emeritus at Roskilde University. His first work presented in public was a poem read in Danish radio in 1960. His music comprises computer-algorithmic compositions and pieces floating between genres such as rock, jazz, classical and experimental.
At his retirement, he took lessons in organ playing and soon became enthused by the improvisation possibilities of this instrument. This turned out useful for his current work with musical computer synthesis. The musical style of Bent Sørensen, in compositions as well as in improvisations or variations on existing themes, is a free-flowing use of all twelve tones dividing the octave in Western music, but often preserving the chord and interval characteristics of conventional seven-tone music. Rhythmic passages, sometimes with mild jazzy syncopation, are interspersed with sound-wall passages of complex harmonic structure, and occasionally one finds chunks of melodies, mostly related to the basic theme by standard methods of inversion, fractal repetition and transposition. No rules are considered sacred, but the melodic episodes are needed to avoid ending in the blind alley of pure theoretical formality. The music is rendered on a computer, exploring the state-of-the-art in using sampled instruments to render human playing on a MIDI keyboard.