The publishing company Secantus has its roots in a one-person business started by Bent Sørensen in 1988. It then had the name Novator and books were published through large commercial publishers, while music CD's were just given to friends and other interested parties (actually, there were radio broadcasts, concerts and seminars presenting the music then). In 2013, the company name Secantus was adopted for art, literature and music publications, while Novator continued as a consulting business directed at governments and international organizations (see links).
The advent of new electronic publishing channels and book-print-on-dmand has made it possible to reach a larger audience, so from 2014, Secantus is now publishing e-books through Amazon Kindle eBooks, each book at an affordable price of $1-3 plus tax when applicable. Printed books are published through Amazon Createspace and Saxo Publish, and they are available at all Amazon stores and at, at very affordable prices.
Nine CD's including some re-mastered versons of previous Novator work have been issued and appear on this site as well as on popular sites such as Spotify and Deezer. Chances are that they will drown in the ocean of material there, far from any hit-list. Bent Sørensen's music is atypical, both due to prolific combination of genres but also due to the extensive use of sampled instruments and free improvisations.
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