Notes to Ear Candy: The piano piece opening the CD intends to convey a melodic superstructure to raindrops falling. It is followed by a guitar song and then a little meditative piece for flute and piano.
I insist is a persisting rock song with the usual irritating percussion programming. More charm may be found in the following Break of dawn, again featuring a flute as the main instrument.
Relativity for pedestrians features various chaotic instruments, suitable for the hairy subject, and Just improvising is just improvising.
The next orchestral piece is a symphonic composition, but with a special selection of sampled instruments and instrument groups (such as a violin section and a drum section). Finally, a full-length piano rhapsody is taking you through a landscape of Spanish rhythms and accompanying beat structures, while trying to make room for some melodic inventions and convince you that the piece is not all 12-tone music but rooted in the European 7-tone tradition.